"Why doesn’t he say something to her? But I knew why. Because there’s the creeping fear that these moments don’t actually exist outside your own head. No eyes meet across a crowded room, no two people think precisely the same thing, and if only one person actually has that moment, is it even really a moment at all? We know this, so we say nothing. We avert our eyes, or pretend to be looking for change, we hope the other person takes the initiative because we don’t want to risk losing this feeling of excitement and possibilities and lust. It’s too perfect. That little second of hope is WORTH something, possibly forever."


- Jason Priestley, Charlotte Street by Danny Wallace



Celebrating childhood memories, beloved films, and the 75th anniversary of the The NFB! The Roots x NFB collection was launched at our 80 Bloor St. West location last night with a few of our closest friends.

Line mates Don Green, Wayne Gretzky and Michael Budman model their NFB tee’s and Roots Canada leather jackets.

The Great One Wayne Gretzky and Jason Priestley pose for the camera while Janet Gretzky and son Trevor Gretzky interact with our ‘Log Driver’s Waltz’ green screen activation.

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