Saturday, October 18th, 2014

Yesterday the ceremony for 2014’s Canada’s Walk of Fame took place at the Sony Centre. I attended the yellow carpet so I could see the stars!

I met Jason Priestly (for the third time this year!), Cheryl Hickey, Ryan Reynolds, saw The Weekend (I worked at their concert last month!) briefly, Wendy Crewson, Clara Hughes, Peter Fonda, Tom Cochrane and Rachel McAdams!

I told Wendy how much I loved her breast cancer episode of Saving Hope last season and how amazing she was and how much I loved her and Erica’s scenes together. She said “Oh, thank you!”

I told Tom Cochrane I love Life Is A Highway and he said “Thank you!”

I managed to get this picture with Rachel. Then she was laughing and you could tell she was thinking “These people actually want a picture with me like this?” :P